Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Sem Ender party of the Page Turning majors... I mean, the Voice Majors :)

Busy writing dedications to the cards for Ma'am Aileen and Ma'am Vina... courtesy of Sir Leslie

I had to leave early, so these are just a few shots I took when the party was beginning. :) Thanks to Ate Maricris Joaquin for her hospitality and for the exquisite pasta and Korean beef stew!

Friday, March 30, 2007

The end has arrived!!!

The end of the sem, that is... haha, not the end of the world. I don't belong to any millenial sect (or if I did, I wouldn't advertise it)...

Woohoo... what a rush! Yesterday I had my piano finals (which I didn't do very good at... I totally messed up in my Czerny op. 740 etude and my other pieces were uninspired, at best). Grrr. Too bad that was my last piano exam ever, and I can't make up for it next sem. The college is no longer allowing students to take extra credit courses in minor/concentration, 1 on 1 subjects.

Moral lesson: One CANNOT cram for a piano exam in 1 week. C'est imposible (haha pardon my French).

I helped out with the two voice recitals yesterday, CONGRATULATIONS to Feona and Ate Michelle Sullera! Woohoo Ate Michelle... YOU DID IT! Mabuhay ang Madama Butterfly Humming Chorus! Ang gagaling natin! Bwahahaha

I'm so excited! I got assigned 11 out of 15(?) pieces for my next sem's recital (which will be sometime October...punta kayo a?). I'm singing Bach! SO EXCITED SO EXCITED SO EXCITED! I've never sung Bach before, and certainly not any chamber piece of his! I'm just a bit scared because the pieces require so many instrumentalists. Right now, I'm going to need the ff:

- -  2 violins

- - 1 viola

- - 1 trumpet

- - 1 flute

- - 1 cello

- -  1 harpsichord

- - 1 oboe

- - 1 bass singer

In short... I need HELP! Loads of it.

I just want to share excerpts from one of my pieces, the Coffee Cantata.

Oh, how good coffee tastes,

lovelier than a thousand kisses,

mellower than muscatel.

I must have coffee;

and if someone wants to give me a treat,

he should pour me a cup of coffee!

Cats never give up chasing mice,

and girls always remain coffee fiends.

Mother likes drinking coffee,

Grandma drank it too,

so who can blame our daughters?

Methinks J.S. Bach would have been a Starbucks afficionado, if he had been alive today.

Voice Major sem-ender party tonight. Wahoo! Can hardly wait.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Whew! My 2nd recital's over. Just like THAT *snaps fingers ---->or i would if i could*

Thank you to all who watched! Lesley dear... thanks so much for helping out. Aaaaa!!

Last week was my first time to teach in an actual classroom (more specifically, the grade 4 students of UPIS)... for our MuEd 120 finals. It was exhausting and draining, but at the same time, thrilling and inspiring. :) I lost my voice after shouting for a little over an hour, but I was so proud of the little geniuses. Imagine! They composed their own songs (made them compose parts B,C,D of a song so they could comprehend RONDO form). "Noisy kids are smart," I told the class conspiratorially at the start of the session. Boy, they took it to heart. But it was alright because their noise was productive. :)

I think I'll enjoy next sem, teaching Music to elementary kids!! :)

I also got to accompany someone singing, for the first time EVER! It was TERRIFYING! It was during my students' voice recital for our MuEd 110 class. Little Maristel was nervous with the official accompanist and didn't sing that well during the run through. So when D-Hour approached, she asked (nay, IMPLORED me) if I could be the one to accompany her on the piano for Hillsong's "STILL."

Grabe. My fingers were shaking so badly the whole time. But I didn't make any mistakes! Woohoo! And Maristel sang so beautifully!

Am tired, today I went to Cubao for our 3rd session of the Kodaly workshop (a.m.) and then went to UP (p.m.) for the choral workshop with Dr. Leach. Will update more when I have more time and energy...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MuEd 110 Voice Recital! 'We Sing'

Congratulations to my beautiful students Maristel and Brenda! :) We did it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I would like to take this opportunity...

to thank Anna Migallos for her help during my voice finals. Thanks so much

Yes! I have survived the terror that is known as the VOICE FINALS EXAM!!!

And now I can invite you guys to watch my 2nd undergraduate recital, since now it's official ... it's actually pushing through.

            University of the Philippines

            College of Music


             RECITAL II *


             Eudenice Palaruan, assisting artist on pipe organ **

             Gabriela Masias Francisco, soprano

             Michelle Nicolasora, assisting artist on pianoforte





              The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation **                                                           Henry Purcell

              Alleluja                                                                                           Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

             (from Exsultate, jubilate)   

              Basta, vincesti! ... Ah non lasciarmi, no                                    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

                         (from Didone abbandonata)

              No, no, non si speri! **                                                                              Giacomo Carissimi

              Standchen                                                                                                          Richard Strauss

              Verschwiegene Liebe                                                                                               Hugo Wolf

              Del cabello mas sutil                                                                           Fernando J. Obradors

                         (from Dos cantares populares)

              Shoes                                                                                          Kathleen Lockhart Manning

              Ach, ich fuhl's                                                                             Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

                                     (from Die Zauberflote)

                                                                                   ~ INTERMISSION ~

              Vocalise                                                                                                  Sergei Rachmaninoff

              Poeme de l'Amour et de la Mer                                                                  Ernest Chausson

                             La Fleur des Eaux

                                   Interlude (piano)

                                         La Mort de l'Amour

                                                Les Temps des Lilas

             Awit ng Ibon                                                                                                            Jonas Baes

            Awit ni Maria Clara                                                                                  Antonio J. Molina


            * In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Music Performance 196

When: March 23, 2007, Friday, 4:00 p.m.

Where: Abelardo Hall Auditorium, U.P. College of Music

Entrance Fee: NONE!! :)

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