Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Time to post... haaay...

What luck! A four day weekend!

I woke up today at 5:15 a.m, all fresh and excited after paying my sleep debt over the past few days. I literally bounced out of bed with a cheerful, "Gising na people! Pasukan na naman uli!" and went out of the common bedroom to take a shower. But then I saw my mom in the kitchen, conversing with the ates in excited whispers. And then... I KNEW...

... WALA NA NAMANG PASOK!!?!?! As my dear brother would say... "Amf/gg."

I'd like to quote someone who posted on Bianca's LJ... "My schedule is officially F____D up for this week."

On the bright side, I was able to de-stress, catch up on my beauty sleep, and watch a couple of my favorite movies (like BRAVEHEART on Star Movies, woohoo!! I just hear the theme music and the tears start coming...)

I swore that I would make today a productive one, and I shall!! I've scheduled an interview with THE Sir Agot Espino later in the afternoon (aaAAAaaa!! The man is a living legend! He's written the most beautiful kundiman since Abelardo... KUNDIMAN NG LANGIT. Can't wait to find out where his inspiration came from...), whew! No pressure!

It's for our MuPC 131 class.

And then I vocalized/practiced for 2 hours. Did a bit of Concone too. Always thought they were boring vocalises, but some are so pretty!! Miniature ariettes indeed.

Now that's done, and lookie! It's only 9:20 am! Doncha love it when you wake up super early and get all sorts of things done quickly?

Let's see, what book shall I read to while away the rest of the day? :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Too busy to blog

A quick update on what's been going on in my life...

   * Was part of the chorus in our college's (and the CCP's) production of Pagliacci (one of two operas performed on July 2, 2006). Got to sing with orchestra for the first time evah! It was INTIMIDATING. 
      Were all those sleep deprived nights and missed classes worth it? 
      We shall see. Depends on how soon I can catch up with my school work.

   * Am singing as part of the chorus for Kuya Armin's masteral recital (a Rossini mass!! COOOOOOL!!) as well as the restaging of Kuya Paul's recital. These are on September 22 and September 5, respectively. Nood kayo! It's free
naman e.

   * Am rushing to learn my required pieces for my first recital (*cough*)... which...by the bye... is on the 20th of October, 5:30 to 7 pm at the Abelardo Auditorium, College of Music. :)  Ma'am Cura picked such nice songs for me... am so happy!

   * Am currently nursing a hoarse throat as a result of my ten-minute screaming session during Theater 130 class this afternoon under Sir Anton Juan. Kailangan e. It's the Greek way of teaching drama, I guess. Will ask Sir if I can "place" my voice next time. :(( huhuhu I wasn't able to sing tuloy during my voice lesson later on with Ma'am Aileen. Shucks. Kakahiya.

   * Am trying to choreograph a movement piece utilizing the concept of Open/Close. Ideas, anyone?

   * Am cramming learning CARMINA BURANA for Conducting 100, which is turning out to be a looooot harder than I thought it would be. I'll bet my arms will be soooo toned after a sem of all this hand waving. :)

Okay ...no more time to type. Hopefully I get to update soon.

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