Sunday, May 5, 2013

Before I Turn 30

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It's summertime! And I'm soaking in the precious moments... of 8 or 9 hour workdays (as opposed to the usual 12) and REAL weekends with actual leisure time. I'm devouring all the books I can lay my hands on, and I've been spending more time online as well.

In one of my online click-a-thons, I came across this lovely blog and got inspired to make my own list of sorts. It's similar to a bucket list, only with a very specific deadline: December 26, 2016. Yes, in a few short years, I'll be 30 (!!???!!!!).

So here's my "30 Before 30" List:

1. Read Tolstoy's WAR AND PEACE
2. Read NOLI and FILI... in Filipino
3. Read Marcel Proust's IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME
4. Eat a full course French style dinner (which might take 4-5 hours!)
5. Sip cafe creme while people watching in a Parisian cafe
6. Eat authentic Italian pizza
7. Read all of Plato's works
8. Have all my books bound in plastic
9. Attend a fiesta in Cebu
10. Soak in the beauty of Palawan
11. Get back to my college weight (I did it once.... I can do it again!)
12. Meet my English pen pal in real life (we've been pen pals since I was in 3rd grade!)
13. Watch an opera in La Scala
14. Watch a Broadway musical in Broadway
15. Run a marathon! (Even just the kiddie 3k one...)
16. Learn how to cook
17. Learn Krav Maga
18. Go pescetarian for a month
19. Go on a pilgrimage to Kecskemet, the hometown of Zoltan Kodaly
20. Go on a pilgrimage to Rome!! (and hopefully catch a glimpse of Pope Francis!)
21. Go inside a monastery or convent
22. Learn all of Schubert's and Schumann's art songs
23. Take ballet lessons
24. Go to Taal's crater
25. Visit the Scottish Highlands (and taste haggis)
26. Have proper English high tea in an English tea salon
27. Visit Oxford and Cambridge
28. Have a wee pint in an Irish pub and sing along in a ceilidh
29. Be able to transcribe a three-part Bach invention (musical dictation)
30. Be able to hit the high F in the Queen of the Night arias of Mozart

I don't know if I'll be able to do all of the above by the deadline... but hey! It's worth a shot! And it would be interesting to see how my priorities may change over the next few years... I might change some of the above, or completely delete them!

I'd LOVE to know what YOU have in your own 30 before 30 list!

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