Monday, August 30, 2010

An Attempt to Revive my Inactive Blog

   I haven't been updating in ages!! Bad, bad blogger. Have been busy with new things, apart from the usual work-and-grad-studies combo.

   First, I'm now part of a fashion-advocacy group called GUTSY. Come visit our blog at !

   (Some of you might be going, "Gabi? And Fashion?" I don't blame you. I'm a closet fashionista, that's what I am. And besides, GUTSY isn't your typical fashion group. Go check the website to find out what our cause is.)

    Working with Blogspot has made me seriously think of relocating there. The template is more user-friendly.

   Next, I've also joined the Philippine Organization of Classical Singers. Expect big things from this new group, folks! 

   I'm also giving a talk on Friday to graduating college students, I'm supposed to motivate them to consider teaching as a career. I've only got 15 minutes!!! What to say, what to say, what to say? Fellow teachers, please help me!

   There! Update done! :) Hopefully I'll have a more intelligent one soon. 
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