Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Update / The Creative Arts

   Been terribly busy the past several weeks so I haven't been able to update my blog. Hmmm... I think decent entries won't appear until end of March, early April, hehe. In other words, when school ends and summer starts.

   The things I'm busy with are the usual culprits... M.A., work, plus a host of big activities that our school is participating in, namely: the PSAP Inter-school Competition, the biggest one of its kind in Paranaque... and our school's 16th Foundation Week, one of the highlights being our Theater Club's production of Anton Chekhov's The Boor and Ime Aznar's Terengati. Every day is a mini-battle to get lesson plans done as quickly as possible, to do my darndest to teach while combining content + life lessons + F.U.N. in the lessons, and to sneak time in to rehearse for the play and the upcoming competitions.

   I know of some schools that do not encourage their students to compete in Singing, Oratorical, Declamation, Impromptu-Speech contests... the heads of these schools claim that it takes time away from teaching academic content. But then again, we return to the everlasting question... is that really what our students are in school for?

    Each school has a different answer to that. I'm very proud and happy with ours. Regina Maria Montessori encourages its students to be holistic and well-rounded, with majority of our student body being involved in one or two varsity teams, as well as extra activities like the Theater Club. We believe that the more important life lessons (such as discipline, perseverance, and the ability to handle pressure/competition gracefully) can't be learned in the limited classroom activities.

    Research has proven that the Creative Arts are an important part of education. I could name several studies, authors, and years of publication that list down the specific knowledge, skills and values transmitted... but suffice it for me to say that I have witnessed, firsthand, the transformative power of the Creative Arts on students.

    Let's take Teatro Regina, our school drama club. I have seen shy students blossom into confident young men and women after being given roles in the school play, and I'm so THRILLED and EXCITED to see them perform in a few weeks' time! I have seen students with seemingly irreconcilable and clashing personalities bond and become as close as siblings after spending countless hours rehearsing. I have seen them struggle, and I bear witness to their daily triumphs over fear and insecurity. For indeed, the success of our Drama Club lies not just in its ability to deliver a high-quality performance (for the short-term, maybe). Years from now, I'd like to think that these students will treasure their memories of Teatro and remember the life lessons they imbibed. I'd like to think they are more hard working, more professional and disciplined, more passionate about life as a result of joining Teatro. 

   See my previous blog post for my Teatro Regina plug! ;)

   This is late, but I'd like to congratulate RMM seniors Ashley Petallano, Dancille Villarey and Angelique Nebreja for passing the UPCAT! :) From one Reginian to another, GOOD JOB GUYS! Keep up the great work, and continue our alma mater's tradition of excellence and service!

   Congratulations also to the UP Voice and Music Theater Guild for a successful performance at the Philippine Opera Company's 4th Soiree last Saturday! :) Here's to even more successful shows in the future.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plugging our Play(s)

Dear Friends,

Teatro Regina, the theater club of Regina Maria Montessori, would like to invite you to our 2010 student production featuring two one-act plays,
Anton Chekhov’s THE BOOR and Ime Aznar’s TERENGATI. Our showdates are February 24, 26 and 27, 2010, at 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. Through our plays, we seek to hone the talents of our students and enable them to learn real life lessons through the art and the discipline that is theater.

Chekhov’s The Boor is a romantic comedy that involves a vain and hypocritical young widow, and a no-nonsense, rough man who will not tolerate her female manipulations. Aznar’s Terengati is a Filipino adventure tale, a retelling of the Manobo love story between a beautiful sky maiden and the mortal Terengati who falls in love with her. He undergoes numerous trials and adventures in order to win her.

Your coming will greatly encourage and support our young student actors and crew members, and also encourage them to continue their theater experience even after they have left elementary and secondary school.

Tickets are at Php 150.00 each. Should you have any further inquiries, or should you wish to place orders, please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed below.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in our performances!


Gabi and Tata Francisco
(Directors / Club Moderators of Teatro Regina)

Gabi: 0920-947-08-35, Tata: 0920-947-08-61
Work Phone: 820-02-80/81

For directions on how to reach us, please log on to the RMM Vicinity Map.
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