Saturday, January 27, 2007

Watch a blockbuster film and help send a UP student to school!! :)

In 480 B.C., in the face of certain death,

and enemies that numbered two million,

300 elite Spartans stood their ground.

This is their story.



a special screening of




based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller


For the benefit of the Ex Libris Philippines Scholarship Project

7.00 pm. 07 March 2007. Cinema 6. Rockwell Powerplant.

Tickets at Php 300.00 each.



As the Spartan phalanx advances, the rear columns of attacking Persians begin to fold and fall away, over the high cliff¿s edge and into the sea below in Warner Bros. Pictures' 300


For ticket reservations please contact

 Gabi Francisco 09209470835
Tata Francisco 09209470861



Watch this blockbuster film and, in the process, help send a U.P. student to school!
Please buy tickets and help us in our cause.



Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in Warner Bros. Pictures' 300


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Ex Libris Philippines is the newly-established, nationwide and government-recognized NGO for book enthusiasts. It is a nonstock, nonprofit organization composed of students, professionals and teachers from various universities. 

Ex Libris Philippines enables its members to live out man’s highest ideals found in our favorite, inspiring books. We believe that the nobility of ideals and great vision should not just exist in the pages of books or in the minds of authors long-dead and gone, but in reality. 

Ex Libris Philippines has an organized system of booklending that enables each and every member to have access to many other books through the other members' collections, encouraging them to read more, broaden their literary horizons, or simply bask in the companionship of fellow booklovers. We hold book sessions in which we foster good fellowship and good reading. In these book sessions we share opinions, views, critiques and real life lessons from books; explore other genres, share our favorite books and personal literary experiences with each other, and we can even pool resources together to buy much-desired books.

Future plans of Ex Libris Philippines include the establishment of more scholarships to help send deserving youth to school; the formation of ties with other schools, university libraries, and publishing houses; sponsoring author appearances; and participating in various noteworthy literary causes---such as volunteering to help teach school children how to read.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My 2nd recital! :)

Start:     Mar 23, '07 4:15p
End:     Mar 23, '07 6:00p
Location:     Abelardo Hall Auditorium
I will be singing a French song cycle by Chausson, as well as some Mozart arias, an art song by Sir Jonas Baes, and other gorgeous pieces (my teacher chooses the nicest songs ever...)... Do come and watch! :) Don't worry, admission is free.
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