Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is the most beautiful national anthem?

Apart from the Philippines' "Lupang Hinirang," of course? (Hehe, fervent patriot here. OF COURSE I'm biased!)

I find Israel's and Hungary's sooooo beautiful! Listening to these songs brought tears to my eyes.

Israel's HATIKVA:

Here's the Hungarian anthem:

What other anthems strike your heart? :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Style Stalker: Spotted at the UP College of Music

I'm a closet kikay/fashionista, and I love seeing friends and colleagues wear dignified yet stylish clothes! Ms. Therese Gemora of the UP College of Music was wearing such a "winner" outfit a month ago when I took this picture, I HAD to take her photo!

(to enlarge, click on the photo above)

What makes a "winner" outfit? Of course, comfort and practicality above all else. I loved how utilitarian this outfit was, yet also versatile! This look would be perfect for a multitude of settings: the office (just change the sandals into flats or pumps)... the mall... heck, even for commuting!

Introducing the newest fashion accessory: the file folder! I loved it so much, I took a separate close-up picture of the folder beside Jet Gemora's bag (the folder costs only P100 from National Bookstore!).

Look out for more style stalker pictures in the future!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hoping for a restful sembreak (soon!)

I think it was C.S. Lewis who said that the academic calendar is very similar to the Christian view of history... and truly, don't we all passionately look forward to sembreak? Aka "the-end-of-suffering?" We equate sembreak with Heaven! (Except that, with semesters, the cycle starts anew with each enrollment period. A temporary version of eternal rest, gone all too soon.)

While my sembreak will not start for another week (let the countdown begin!) and will only last a week (bitiiiiiiin!!), I already feel the slower pace. I've been bringing home less work and I've been sleeping better, too.

Was able to attend our org's book session last Saturday (after missing out for two months due to acads!!), and I enjoyed the excursion to Bookay-ukay, a secondhand bookstore hidden in a cozy nook along Maginhawa Street, UP Village... off the beaten path! Of course, we HAD to have our comfort coffee and sandwiches afterwards, where we discussed books ranging from the deep and profound ones (with endnotes, diba Bernice?) to the lighthearted and entertaining. Looking forward to our next one, guys!!

The topic of "sembreak" reading was brought up, and it was mentioned that sembreak books are ideally those that make you pause and take a long,hard look at your life.

Looking forward to doing just that, soon! But first, gotta proctor the 2nd quarterly tests at RMM... and prepare my preschool students for their United Nations programme! *hums Hava Nagila*

What books are YOU reading over the sembreak?

(Aside: I've been writing academic papers and lesson plans for so long, I'm no longer used to writing blog entries!!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Winnie Monsod's Last Lecture

I love this lecture! I believe, with all my heart, in what she says. No wonder, because my father has been saying these things to me since childhood! A must-see, especially for UP grads!

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